Friday, 13 July 2012

The 10 stereotypes that you will see in clubs.

I have frequented many clubs in my time, and have met some seriously awesome and interesting people. However, life is about seeing both the good and the bad. Here is a list of the ten (strange) stereotypes that will probably be in every club you go to. If you don't see all of them, you will notice at least half of the list. I've made them specific to whether they can be applied to girls, guys or both. PLEASE NOTE THAT NOT EVERYONE IS A STEREOTYPE!! Enjoy :-)


1.  The "I'm too hot for you" girls

These girls have probably spent 5 hours getting ready. They have false eyelashes on, and their dresses look like their second skin. In fact, I'm not even sure if they wear dresses..perhaps those are belts wrapped around their waists. They think that every guy in the club is going to hit on them. If they could, they would carry around portable hairdryers to make their hair fly back as they walk.

2. The bathroom screamers

I don't know why, but there are always girls screaming in the bathroom. About everything. So when they start screaming, just shriek at the top of your voice and don't stop until they do. On that note, some of them are actually really nice. Even if make-up is melting off your face, they will keep telling you that you are "SOOOO PRETTY."

3. The straight lesbians

Some straight girls will discover a new found love for each other for just one night. This is mostly because they know males love it.


4. The "I'm (mostly) too hot for you" guys

These guys go to the gym. Actually no, they live in the gym. They wear tight shirts that show their rippling muscles. They have impeccably styled hair. They will either be really nice or more aloof than your local neighbourhood detective.

5. The wolfpack of bros

You will always see a group of bros standing around the dance floor, ready to prey. These bros really are bros. They will come up to you and tell you all about their best friend, and they will ask you to feel his chest.

6. The one crazy shuffler

Just get out of the way.


7. The "sexy" dancers

This usually applies to girls, but it could go the other way. These people think that they are in a music video, but in actual fact they look like geese swimming in a pond.

8. The one person trying to get everyone to drink

This person is probably the most fun of the stereotypes. If you can handle him or her, just comply. It will make them very happy.

9. The texter

He or she will dance miserably (just ask them to take lessons from the crazy shuffler guy). They will reply to every single text on their phone.. Perhaps they should have just stayed at home.

10. The lone shark

Usually a guy standing alone. The lone shark may or may not lurk in the shadows.. This person is either bored, looking around for his or her friends, drunk or ready to pick someone up. I have recorded a quick video on how to deal with one of these creatures..

Ladies and gentlemen, I hope you enjoyed (and agreed with) this post! Till the next time.
- Nadia

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